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A beach bar located on the Maresme harnesses the sea’s movement to generative music and graphic art works displayed within. Whale is an innovative art project based on open source technology, designed to generate live music and unique graphic works using only the movement of the sea via a buoy located in the Mediterranean 50 metres beyond.

Whale runs until October creating ‘Bossa nova’ style Jazz music and computer generated graphic works directly from the sea’s movement. The bar, Espigó which is located right in front of the train station of Llavaneres is the only place where the music is being transmitted however the graphic works are published daily on the internet and can be viewed from anywhere in the world (www.espigoplatja.com/whale/galeria).

The project is a non-profit collaboration featuring a number of professionals including Alex Posada, digital creator and project manager of MID, who was in charge of the electronics and creative development, Ricardo Gala and Jonathan Gonzalez both software engineers with B10B working as consultants.

  • Whale, generative graphics and music from the motion of the sea

  • "chiringuito" Espigó, Llavaneres beach