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Brunch-In The City is back

7/10/2021 Parc del Fórum, Barcelona

By Sergio Pulido 02.11.21

As we already know, there were 18 months with almost no clubbing or festival activity, so it is excellent news that the best electronic music festival on Sunday afternoons (that schedule so celebrated in places like Berlin and its surroundings), returns the next 7 November at Parc del Fórum, we are talking about Brunch-in The City.

The event already has three big names confirmed for it return: The Blessed Madonna, alter ego of the North American Marea Stamper, owner of her own style that mixes rave sounds with a strong load of queer culture, ballroom and vogueing, along with that lately her mainstream side must be added, having produced and mixed the disco mixtape “Club Future Nostalgia” for the pop mega star Dua Lipa, with excellent artistic and commercial results.

  • Brunch-In The City Barcelona


    There will also be the Bulgarian producer KiNK, an unparalleled master of that type of electronic music shows known as “live sets”, where we also see his influences from the world of 90s rave and the most classic techno. The line up is completed with Jen Cruz that will open the afternoon.

    We also recall that the event is family friendly with activities and attractions programmed for children and families, as well as being an eco-conscious event that focuses on local products and brands.

  • Brunch-In The City Barcelona

    The Blessed Madonna

  • Brunch-In The City Barcelona

    The Blessed Madonna in a previous Brunch-In The City date