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UtopiaMarkets Poesía

Poetry slam in Poblenou


A new and pioneering market in the city, "for lovers of poetry and for those who haven't found what they love."

UtopiaMarkets Poesía, to celebrate their first event, will host a debut on March 17th, 18th and 19th in the remodelled Poblenou space, Utopia 126, where over seventy poets, including visual poets, independent publishers and magazines writers will participate by presenting and selling their work. This first weekend of activities includes recitals, concerts, workshops, conferences, round tables, book presentations and shows for all tastes.

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía
  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    Josep Pedrals

    The different recital shows include performances by actresses Ariadna Gil and Chantal Aimée, a poetry reading by the Catalan poet Maria Mercè Marçal and other renowned poets such as Joan Margarit and Luis García Montero. In addition to this well-known group of artists is the performance by writer and translator Isabel Núñez.

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    Ariadna Gil

    Recited work will be presented in this unique space of 'infinite poetry,' such as the work of Marta Pessarrodona, Marina Oroza and her recital Poetic Encarnaciones, David Casassas, Eva Hiernaux, Amalia Sanchís, Alfonso Alegre Heitzmann, Carles Morell and Ramón Andrés. The overarching theme of the night will be women in relation to writing and language, sponsored by Stendhal Books, along with the poets Laia López Manrique, Lola Nieto, Flavia Company, Miriam Reyes and Alicia G. Núñez.

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    Hasier and Patxi Larretxea

    Utopia 126 will not only feature the work of the previously mentioned poets but also that of artistic expressions such as video art, photography, music and theatrical performances. Among those, Víctor Bocanegra will perform and present his new album Sacrilege, while the audiovisual performer and poet Josep Pedrals will share his voice through sound and visual landscapes, transforming his poetic voice into a series of illustrations. TextJockeys, organized by the Live Scripture group, will combine the vibes of electronic music with live writing, images and improvised prose, where as the irreverent and audacious show Prostíbulo Poético will be featured as well, which is a fuse between cabaret, poetry and happening. Instant, another featured performance, is an innovative collaboration of poetry, video and music all previously sent by viewers from their social media accounts. Screenings from documentary artists will also be presented, such as Joan Brossa, the TVE series Imprescindibles and Apuntes para una Biografía from the En Palabras exhibition created by Jaime Gil de Biedma and directed by Inés Garcia-Albi. Other creators such as the duo Manuel Granados and Eva Rodríguez bring together poetry and video art in their mystical visual performance, while writer Marina Oroza will share a selection from her repertoire of poetic reincarnations. There will be recital concerts from the performer Angela Becerra and the Colombian singer-songwriter Marta Gomez, along with a spectacular father and son collaboration where the Navarrese poet Hasier Larretxea will read his work while his father chops logs as a background sound effect.

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    Pablo Llorente

    There will also be a room for guests to explore their own creativity like in the Cabinet Poetic area, which is a game space for visitors to combine different theatrical objects, shadows, poetry and musical sounds in an interactive approach. Along with Laura Borràs's discussion about digital poetry, Eva Hibernia will conduct poetry coaching sessions (with prior registration) and Jesus Aguado will host an adult poetry workshop called Poem Hilo Rojo (also requiring prior registration), amongst a line-up of other activities. Other unique areas include the poetic self-portrait space, where visitors can self-analyze before a mirror, the poetic conversation area, where attendees can relate their most intimate secrets and a Speaker's Corner for guests to climb and recite the work of Shakespeare or their own writings.

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    David Ymbernon

    Children's workshops have also been organised, one of which is being taught by Miguel Escobar and will offer an opportunity for kids to translate their emotions into written work, while the other, organized by the Founder Joan Brossa, allows them to discover the difference between visual and object poetry.

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    Alex Monofort

    The market, in collaboration with the Flash Flash restaurant, will provide bar service as well.

  • View of UtopiaMarkets Poesia, photo by Alexander Castro

    UtopiaMarkets Poesía is a three-part project (where the photography element will be presented on March 24th, 25th and 26th and the illustration in late autumn), and an initiative of Monste Abbad, Quique Camín and Oscar Valléz in collaboration with Antxón Gómez among other accomplices. Their aim is to "reclaim local talent and the quality of their work by giving them greater visibility in a different experience."

  • UtopiaMarkets Poesía

    Foto de Alexander Castro

  • Utopia 126
  • Cristòbal de Moura, 126
  • 08019 Barcelona
  • T. 93 009 58 79
  • www.utopiamarkets.com
  • Programme: Friday 17th: 19-23 h / Saturday 18th: 11-22 h / Sunday 19: 11-22 h
  • Price: 3 Eur.. Includes all activities except the Josep Pedrals recital (10 Eur.), TextJockeys (10 Eur.) and Prostíbulo Poético (10 Eur.).