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Trip4real is an online platform that offers national and international travellers the chance to experience authentic first hand activities together with locals from the actual destinations. Because being a tourist is not the same as being a traveller and experience is the best souvenir of any holiday or journey. Trip4real represents a new business model based on the international movement known as ‘collaborative consumption’.

The service is aimed at both travellers and locals alike. Travellers from around the world can access a range of activities at reasonable prices connected with the world of culture, entertainment, gastronomy, fashion, sports, music ... Locals interested in putting together a proposal and sharing that experience only have to register their profile and post the proposal on the trip4real website (www.trip4real.com) using a fast and simple registration system that includes filling out a form detailing the basic characteristics of the activity: description, timetable, availability, price, target client and minimum and maximum number of people. Once the activity is uploaded trip4real is responsible for ensuring its quality and exclusivity. Travellers can choose the activity that captures their imagination and contact the local person to book the activity and agree on the final details.

  • A wide ranging choice of activities as varied as user's imaginations

  • Urban experiences for Spanish and foreign travellers

    Created in Barcelona by a group of young entrepreneurs led by Gloria Molins, whose background is in marketing and who has worked with multinational companies like Apple and Google, trip4real is a unique and pioneering business project in Spain. The platform has been initially set up offering activities in Spain’s two main tourist epicentres, Barcelona and Madrid, with the objective of gradually increasing the variety and number of activities as well as adding new destinations throughout the country.

  • See web for further details

  • The trip4real web portal is easily understood and managed