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Touring Barcelona for Two

Sustainable tourism / Grand Hotel Central


Contemporary design and lifestyle cannot really be appreciated without an eco sensibility. Aware of the importance of the environment and offering the best possible service to its clients the Grand Hotel Central has come up with a new option for discovering Barcelona, a micro-electric car than can be rented out. Easy to park with Wifi provided sight seeing could not be more comfortable.

The Biro vehicle is a compact two-seater, as practical as a scooter but as user friendly and secure as a car – as well as being totally electric with the added benefit of no pollution or noise. The Grand Hotel Central’s philosophy is that luxury should be compatible with sustainability, tourists and locals share the same concerns.

  • Biro electrical vehicle


    With a battery life of 4 hours the Biro cars can move and park easily around the city. Thanks to the Wifi that is incorporated within each car users can follow a free Guia Punto online guide, also produced by the Grand Hotel Central, to best discover the most exclusive and hidden corners of the Borne, the Gothic area, Barceloneta and of course the city’s beaches.

    The Grand Hotel Central is a patron of Barcelona’s culture, history and art which are all made available to its guests. With its library including over 200 books about the city, and an art showroom dedicated to local talent, The (talent) Gallery, where bimonthly exhibitions are organized around themes including: architecture, photography, design and illustration.