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Tony Humphries, Revolutions on Air DJ Set

Sónar by Day 2018

By Sergio Pulido 20.04.18

Active since 1981, this living legend is along with Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles one of the leaders of that revolutionary musical transition in which disco music was transformed into house music, and one of its first global broadcasters. The story tells that after a fortuitous encounter with Shep Pettibone of the Salsoul label, he ended up taking charge of his space in the underground station Kiss FM of New York City, where he began to become known for his remixes and own editions of classical themes, conserving that radio space until 1994 and winning every day new fans for the house cause.

But not only the radio built his legendary status, it was also his residence at the Club Zanzibar in New Jersey, which competed directly with the Paradise Garage of Levan in terms of liberating atmosphere and underground spot where to listen to the latest in dance music of the moment. Already entered the 90s, he got a residency at the Ministry of Sound in London, and was in charge of overseeing the discographic recordings of the label of the club, with a career that has not stopped even a minute since those first golden years. For this presentation at Sónar by Day, Tony will make a special set remembering those mythical years on the radio, the sound of house classics from the hand of this authentic creator and innovator of a genre always in evolution.


  • Tony Humphries, by Neil Aline

  • Tony Humphries, Sónar 2018 by Day