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The Sun, endless energy source

SunBox by Turbo Energy


SunBox is an intelligent system for the production and storage of solar energy. A plug and play device that connects directly to solar panels, supplying a home with up to 90% solar energy compared to grid energy. Integrating everything necessary to offer all types of installers a straightforward and safe installation. SunBox connects directly to the home’s solar panels, is modular and allows energy storage of up to 10.2 kWh.

With SunBox the performance of the solar panels is maximised in addition to lowering the cost of the electricity bill. SunBox has software developed by the same company based on artificial intelligence that analyses energy consumption, as well as connecting to the internet to find out what the electricity rate is, intuitively storing and supplying clean energy over time periods when electricity is more expensive for greater energy savings.

  • SunBox by Turbo Energy
  • SunBox by Turbo Energy


    Its design has been conceived to integrate with home design, but for ease of assembly and functionality thanks to the simple plug and play technology it allows faster and safer installations, in addition it to facilitating renewable energy at any time of the day thanks to its storage capacity, harnessing the solar energy available.

  • SunBox by Turbo Energy


    The use of SunBox is managed through an App, which allows the consumer to configure the battery backup mode that best suits their needs, reserve a certain amount  for possible power outages, view energy and environmental savings from any device, in addition to maintaining contact with the Turbo Energy technical team.