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The Smile or Radiohead's Multiverse

Primavera Sound 2022

By Sergio Pulido 26.05.22

Just as Spiderman and Doctor Strange were able to move to temporary spaces where they met other versions of themselves in parallel universes, something like this is happening with two of the main members of Radiohead and their new sonic adventure, a hyper-rock trio with drummer Tom Skinner (from the band Sons of Kemet), the always restless Thom Yorke (who had released Anima, his beautiful third solo album in 2019) and Jonny Greenwood (who has just musicalized Spencer and The Power of the Dog, two of the best films from last year, with an Oscar nomination included for the second film), which they have baptized The Smile.

In this ‘Radioheadian’ multiverse, we have a debut album released a few days ago called "A light for attracting attention" that has been warmly received by music critics around the world, showing us that powerful rock facet that seemed to have been abandoned after The Bends, and without the strong influences of avant-garde electronica that had been key in the last Radiohead albums and Yorke's soloists.

In their live debut, which was broadcast live over the internet to the whole world by the organizing company of the Glastonbury festival, the group has performed the debut album in its entirety, without encores, without covers, without hits, and without allusions to the other projects of its members, so we assume that facing them will be a new sonic experience, to get carried away by the talent of two of the most important musicians of the 21st century, which is not little.

The Smile will perform on Friday, June 10 at Primavera Sound and will return to Barcelona on Tuesday, July 5 to perform solo at Poble Espanyol and on Wednesday, July 6 at Madrid's Noches del Botánico.

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