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The Break

Digital detox


The Break is an upcoming event in Barcelona that presents a café space for anyone in need of a digital detoxification, in other words, a break. A place to put their technology aside, for a few hours disconnecting from the internet and social networking, to enjoy a night of social activities: listening to live music, tasting new food concepts, exploring the work of a visual artists, and most importantly, meeting new people and experiencing face to face interaction.

The Break offers nights of Wi-Fi detox to help revive the old fashioned idea of the here and now. The idea is to bring back a more personal interaction without the use of the digital eye, popular among some celebrities who are switching off. There are even hotels that recommend detox weekends and bars that encourage customers to leave their phones at the door, or the De-talks happening in San Francisco….  

  • Espacio 88 The Break
  • Espacio 88 The Break


    Espacio 88, the Barcelona café where the event will be held, wants people to keep it old school starting February 2, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Guests should arrive with an open mind to conversation and their invitation in hand, in which invitations must be retrieved via The Break's registration page. 

  • Espacio 88 The Break


    Invited guests from different backgrounds are included with live music, trendy food and cold beer. Openmusic introduces Joan Queralt & Urfabrique live in acoustic concert, Borealis, curator of emerging Nordic artists, all accompanied by poke bowls and sushi from The Hip Fish and Brutus Beer, a brewery originally founded in Barcelona.  

  • Espacio 88 The Break
  • Espacio 88 The Break
  • Espacio 88 The Break
  • Espacio 88
  • Carrer de Pamplona, 88,
  • 08018 Barcelona
  • Telf: 619 31 35 06
  • www.espacio88.com