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Stereolab at the Primavera Sound:

Re-released, re-mastered and resurrected.

By Primavera Sound 2019: Christine and the Queens 28.05.19

One of the most important bands of the indie / post-rock scene during the 90's and 00's, are back after ten years of silence. A career journey that would need its own book to explore properly, from their sources of inspiration (lounge, pop, krautrock), to their influence on others, and how they disappeared without making a big fuss back in 2009, having survived the mortal bicycle accident of Mary Hansen in 2002. Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier are back with the band, and although they’re not together any more the return of this former Royal Couple of indie has awoken great expectations amongst those who enjoyed their albums growing up, a music that explored the limits between experimental and pop, harmony and distortion, easy listening and improvisation.

This return not only includes the tour that will reconnect them with their fans, but also the reissue of many of their classic albums on vinyl, digital and CD, together with new re-masters, B-sides, demos, forgotten tracks and remixes. Right now "Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements" first released in 1993 and the "Mars Audiac Quintet" of 1994 are available, and they promise to continue eventually re-releasing all the discs on a regular basis up till "Margerine eclipse" of 2004. Ideal for fans, collectors, and people who like to spend their money on vinyl. It’s more than likely that the tour will be a review of their greatest hits, but you can’t rule out surprises with a band of this calibre. They’ve been missed.

  • Stereolab at the Primavera Sound
  • Stereolab plays the Primavera Sound on Saturday June 1st