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Second youth at 70 years old

By Sergio Pulido 27.05.18

With almost 50 years of an uninterrupted career, Sparks, the band of the Mael brothers –Ron and Russell–, is living a second (or third) youth after its generational relaunch along with Franz Ferdinand (under the name of FFS in 2015), or better said, after the September release of last year's Hipoppotamus, its twenty-third studio album, which became the first album of the band to reach the top 10 in the British charts in more than 40 years. What is the secret? It's that it is a complete wonder, is full of catchy melodies and surreal lyrics, a screenshot about the state of the world today, a real joy, an admirable work and the height of his glam apotheosis of the 70s, a breath of fresh air in charge of two gentlemen in their third age.

It is difficult to summarize the long trajectory of these two brothers for the non-connoisseurs, but we can say that they have always had their own style dressed in different sonorities according to the times. What is it that makes Sparks always change and always true to themselves? On the one hand the pop genius as a composer of Ron (72 years old), his ironic lyrics with frequent references to pop culture, and the stage and vocal mannerisms of Russell, who with 69 years old is still capable of reaching enviable heights when he sings in falsetto.

  • Sparks Primavera Sound 2018

    Sparks by Philippe Mazzoni


    For this tour, which will be their debut at Primavera Sound, they also have young musicians in their thirties who give new life to their classics and give 3 dimensions to their new songs. We do not know if they will attract as many people as Artic Monkeys, but they are great masters of their kind who deserve to be appreciated at any time, at any age.