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Solange at the Primavera Sound.

By Sergio Pulido 28.05.19

Okay, we know: Solange Knowles is the younger sister of Beyoncé Knowles and sister-in-law of Jay Z. Once this performer’s relationship with two of the most important black music stars of the 21st Century has been clarified, we can leave her super star family aside and focus on what concerns us here: the immense talent of Solange, and her amazing evolution as an original and mature artist, especially after the release of her third album "A seat at the table" of 2016 and its most recent opus, "When I get home", released a few months ago.      

If the previous album was the awakening of an R&B star, with its exquisite and silky sounds, as well as its references to some of the greats like Mary J. Blige and Sade Adu, now Solange has fallen in love with jazz. This is an homage to her hometown of Houston, Texas, of short and catchy songs with almost no spaces of silence between the tracks, closer perhaps to the jazzy music of Joni Mitchell from the mid-70s than to her sister singing at Coachella. There are loads of ideas going on, harmonies, melodies and styles gathered together in these 40 something minutes of music. There is hip hop and rap, of course, there’s even some drum and bass, but it’s the free form jazz of songs like the samples taken from the B side of the Beatles’ Abbey Road, that from the hallmark of this extraordinary work. And as far as invited stars are concerned there’s many: Pharrell is here producing some of the tracks, Don Blood Orange, Tyler the Creator ... and Solange's voice as a common thread through this musical Olympus. Can’t wait to see how this elegant album is going to be presented live. We'll be there.

  • Solange at the Primavera Sound.
  • Solange se presenta el sábado 1 de junio en el Primavera Sound.