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smart ebike design tour 2014

By Brian Gallagher 02.06.14

This week starting Monday June 2nd till the 14th Barcelona Design Week (BDW) once again presents a round up of the best of contemporary design in one of Europe’s most design conscious cities. The smart ebike design tour is an innovative way of seeing various locations and highlights (the tour also visits places outside the context of the BDW) which also tackles the problem of covering the extended area where the BDW takes place without working up too much of a sweat. If ever there was a city designed to be experienced by bike Barcelona is that city, with its wide boulevards, intimate squares, picturesque vistas, stunning architecture and benevolent all year round climate. The smart ebike tour provides visitors with an easygoing transport option to getting around, taking in the sights, experiencing the Mediterranean breeze, as well as doing their bit for the environment. For details of the entire BDW programme, see www.barcelonadesignweek.com

The smart ebike is itself a sleek futuristic industrial design product, the German car manufacturer’s first venture into the e-bike sector the model includes innovative features like the USB phone charger, a carbon belt drive (avoiding the messy destruction of trouser ends in the chain) and built-in lights. Ebikes give users an electronic boost when pedalling, smart’s ebike has a top speed of 25km (after which the cyclist has to pedal in order to reach greater speed) and a range of 100km before recharging is required. It’s an urban bike and is being show cased here in Barcelona not only as such but also as a nifty piece of industrial design within the context of the BDW.

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    The smart ebike tour lasts about 2 hours and includes some of the city’s design highlights, the soon to be officially opened DHUB building, Bd Barcelona, Media-tic, Miba (Barcelona’s Museum of Ideas and Inventions), a selection of creatives will also introduce their work and the ideas behind it. The bike tours are free, to register or to experience the ebike on a short test-ride go to the smart ebike station at Disseny Hub.

  • smart ebike Barcelona Design Tour
  • DHUB
  • Pl. Glòries, 37-38 or C.Ávila, 186
  • 08018 Barcelona
  • smart ebike tour
  • Tours start daily from June 3rd to June 6th at 10.30 in the morning and 4.30 in the afternoon.
  • more info: on www.betterymagazine.com/designtour/