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Six hours of DJ Harvey

Sónar 2018

By Sergio Pulido 18.05.18

The current Ibiza scene retains little of the underground and the hedonistic brazenness that made it famous there in the late 70's and early 80's. Today it is a mass tourism industry, where gentrification has taken its toll on the prices of the rents for residents, and leisure for tourists has been monopolized by large hotel corporations that have appropriated all formerly mythical sites on the island, and have been turning them into spaces of super luxury, only accessible to people with a high level of income. This at a musical level means that some type of underground music has been abandoned and the purely commercial, the most convener, has been promoted.

Within this scenario, the last season there was a kind of oasis where you could breathe the classic Balearic sound with which one always relates to the island, which were the sessions of DJ Harvey at the Hotel Pikes, where our hero opted for long and relaxed sessions with low BPM and an eclectic and freestyle selection of balearic, funk, house, italodisco and synthpop. As a testimony of this very successful season, he has just released his compilation "The sound of Mercury Rising", which serves as a souvenir for the sessions at the hotel.

  • Dj Harvey Sonar 2018


    Harvey Basset is not a newcomer to the music scene, he has been a resident of the Ministry of Sound in London, among other famous clubs, and his more than 20 years as a professional DJ have allowed him to have an eclectic, encyclopedic and exquisite musical history, so which makes it an ideal protagonist for the long sessions of the Sónar Car stage, doing what he does best, for an audience that want something different from the Berlin techno sound that is so fashionable today among the local clubbers. A true incombustible, which we assume will be accompanied by his inseparable tambourine.

  • The 15 June
  • Sónar Car - Sónar Noche
  • Fira Barcelona - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • www.sonar.es