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Sala Hiroshima

Premiere season of performing arts

By Redacción 21.10.17

Sala Hiroshima has just presented the program for the 2017/2018 season. They are a total of 37 proposals, 18 international and 19 local, with 11 absolute premieres and 12 premieres in Catalonia. Its artistic line includes the arts of movement, new dramaturgies, contemporary circus, live music and multidisciplinary experiences, contrasting disciplines and crossing public. Let's see what will start to seduce us in autumn this space that wants to play to be the longest festival of the year.

Sala Hiroshima is a stage-space open to unconventional creations, with the intention of empowering emerging artists, as well as working with others already consolidated that explore the new languages and technology applied to the scene, with strong presence of names (this course is 50%). After dedicating his first year to the positioning of the room and the second to the internationalization, he will focus the third to reach new audiences and expand his framework of action in the accompaniment, supporting associated artists - Lautaro Reyes, Eulàlia Bergadá, Núria Guiu, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Aina Alegre and Reinaldo Ribeiro - through co-productions and exchanges with international structures. Meanwhile, the training area for professionals will also have a prominent weight, with eight intensive workshops, resource sessions and presentations of artistic processes.

Until November 4th, the Sala Hiroshima will host half a dozen emerging Latin American dance proposals within the biennial cycle Oro: a panopticon of contemporary aesthetic expressions by choreographers and artists.

Albert Quesada in Solo Bach & Glenn focuses on the exploration of musical structures inviting the viewer to perceive and listen to classical works from a choreographic point of view.

  • Solo Bach & Glenn, by Albert Quesada. Photo: Toni Bofill


    Aline Corrêa in her solo Resistência presents the body as an object of resistance. With shaved hair in confrontation with the ideal of feminine beauty, she throws her body against the ground looking for different ways to fall and to impact against matter. João Lima, Cecilia Colacrai and Anna Rubirola come together to address the relationship between language and body.

  • Aline Correa

    Resistence, by Aline Correa. Photo: Adretimage


    Morder la lengua (Biting the tongue), by Joao Lima, Cecilia Colacrai y Anna Rubirola is an attempt to destabilize the relationship between meaning and signifier, in an unusual dialogue between gestures and words. It is a matter of questioning the possibilities of expression and communication in relation to the other, or what the Austrian theorist Paul Watzlawick would have understood as the search for a common perspective.

  • Morder la lengua, Joao Lima, Cecilia Colacrai and Anna Rubirola. F: Tristán Perez Martín


    Dance Dance Dance is a stage experiment by Magdalena Leite and Aníbal Conde, in which the language of the cinema is crossed with the language of dance. The piece contrasts the representations of the body in the cinema, where the dance is associated with the illusion and evasion of reality, with the present and concrete body, as a living file, container and in turn the prey of all these representations.

  • Sala Hiroshima

    Dance Dance Dance, Magdalena Leite and Anibal Conde. F: Alejandro Vazquez


    Retrato de un monstruo (Portrait of a monster) of Ayara Hernandez Holz is a work of bodies without bodies, of man-beasts that move in a jungle of sounds, objects and other beings that cross without agreement, without contract. On the stage there is a constant tension between being a body, having a body and inventing a body; between what is shown, what is hidden and what is about to appear. In this work the performers, the scenery, the light and the sound cohabit with the others without harmony, from their differences.

  • Sala Hiroshima

    Retrato de un monstruo, Ayara Hernandez Holz. F: Roger March


    And finally, Marlene Monteiro Freitas will bring one of his first creations, Guintche, where all the elements of his work are already present: a new expressionism and a certain reteatralization of the scene.

  • Sala Hiroshima

    Guintche, Marlene Monteiro Freitaa. F: Bob Lima


    We will continue to report month by month in our agenda.


    Solo Bach & Glenn. 20th October

    Resistência. 20th October

    Morder la lengua. 21st & 22nd October

    Dance Dance Dance. 29th October

    Retrato de un monstruo. 27th & 28th October 

    Guintche. 3rd & 4th November