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European talents in movement

By Silvia Micolau 07.11.12
  • Helena Franzén, Slipping Through My Fingers.

  • Umma Umma Dance & Manuel Rodríguez, Loser Kings. 

  • Patricia Caballero, Lo raro es que estemos vivos.

Sâlmon< is a festival that will fill the Barcelona venue Mercat de les Flors with contemporary dance and art in movement and which runs till the 11th of November. A new annual event for Barcelona conceived as a space for viewing, of encounter and discovery between the public, artists and intellectually inquisitive.

Selected independent performers will be taking part in the Modul-Dance project, managed by Mercat de les Flors, which offers support to young choreographers and gives them the chance to travel around Europe with 22 residencies sponsored by Graner Fábrica de Creación and its Cartes Blanques: small windows on the international circuit, offered to local and national artists, which aim to establish links between other creative centres and generate synergies. A process that consists of 4 modules in total; research, residency, production and presentation of the works.

Among them will be Eulàlia Ayguadé, nominated as outstanding dancer by the London Critics' Awards, and her Little Me; Helena Franzén, with Slipping Through My Fingers, inspired by the film Gerry by Gus Van Sant; Patricia Caballero, whose projects (as Lo raro es que estemos vivos) have oscillated between performance documentary, the dance object, urban intervention and autobiographical self portraiture; Tânia Carvalho, with Icosahedron where the viewer is given the impression of contemplating the same body from different perspectives all at the same time, in the same manner as the cubists combined simultaneous frontal and lateral views of the subject, and emerging company Umma Umma Dance & Manuel Rodríguez who will be presenting Loser Kings, an observation on the interior of the human body like an allegory of imprisonment.