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Red Helmet Experience

Barcelona’s first Virtual Reality Game

By Brian Gallagher 14.02.19

RED HELMET EXPERIENCE is a virtual gaming company offering the Barcelona public a chance to enter a world generated by computer graphics that also interacts with three dimensional space and can be enjoyed by anyone without necessarily being a fan of computer games. Suitable for groups of friends or work colleagues (in a team building capacity) Red Helmet is undoubtedly a taste of things to come, even the most cynical of technophobes will not fail to be impressed with the very real sensations generated by the experience. The physical space is located off C/ de Tarragona at the intersection of Av. de Roma adjacent to the Sants Train Station, the team there will guide customers step by step through the whole procedure, with a introduction before actually getting started.

Developed completely in Barcelona by a team led by Álvaro Gámiz, CEO of Red Helmet, an entrepreneur with many years experience creating interactive and surprising activities for major companies such as Caixabank and the ACB league. Regarding the actual development of the computer software, Rubén Bernal is the main programmer/author working with diverse platforms like virtual reality, Kinect technology as well as augmented reality. The company will be launching a menu of games later this year, the current game on offer is “Save the World: Crescent” that involves the player holding a type of gun, forming part of an army unit tasked with locating colleagues who have disappeared in a colony within a post-apocalyptic world.

  • Red Helmet Experience
  • Red Helmet Experience


    The equipment consists of a head set, a pair of high resolution goggles (the eponymous Red Helmet) and a computer back-pack worn by the player. This high tech combination works in tandem to control the visuals which involve moving through different settings and interacting with an ongoing attack, the player is also guided by an observer in another space, who issues helpful instructions. The group dynamic of the game organically evolves through the actual experience which lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

  • Red Helmet Experience
  • C/ de Tarragona, 114, Local 15,
  • 08015 Barcelona
  • tel. 936 88 38 55
  • www.redhelmetvr.com