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Primavera Sound 2019:

Lizzo and her XL super-powers


With a festival like this that claims to feature roughly fifty percent female performers it’s no surprise then that some of the artists may have been chosen for their looks, but there’s also a number of empowered women whose looks are far from the stereotypical or accepted beauty standards. This is the case with Melissa Viviane Jefferson, a native of Detroit, Michigan, and known artistically as Lizzo. A black woman of voluptuous proportions with many talents: a bigger than life personality, light on her feet on stage, a power house voice that can sing soul like Aretha Franklin, can rap like Queen Latifah, and who even plays the flute as a soloist for the Berlin Philharmonic. An artist with literally no limits.

When it comes to presenting her third album "Coz I love you", which has just come out, her jump to international stardom started back in January with the release of her mega hit: "Juice", a funky pop song with a retro 80s sound, dealing with self-esteem, with an irresistible bass and a chorus of the type that is impossible to get out of your head after listening to it just once. This is the track responsible for the album’s popularity with two different videos created for it: the first one themed around tele-marketing, and the second including guest star appearances from the RuPaul’s Drag Race contest, featuring queens like Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Detox and Sonique. It promises to be a real show stopper, and fun with some saying that it’s going to be the real highlight of this year’s festival inspired as it is by a real woman. We can’t wait.

  • Primavera Sound 2019: Lizzo and her XL super-powers
  • Lizzo plays on Saturday, June 1st at the Primavera Sound.