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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

By Sergio Pulido 06.05.18

In 2014 Nick Cave premiered "20,000 Days on Earth," an overview of his musical and personal career up to that point, that included happy scenes when he spoke about his wife Suzie, and of his twins Earl and Arthur, and how the family had brought him the maturity and emotional stability that he had not been able to achieve during his drug addiction period. Sadly, this state of welbeing was brutally shattered on July 14th 2015 when Arthur Cave died after falling off a cliff in Brighton, UK, after a night of experimentation with LSD. From this point on, the couple considered how to move forward after such a tragedy, how to preserve their sanity, their desire to live, or how to continue caring for the surviving twin. The answer was to keep working, keep creating.

Suzie continued with her clothing brand Vampire's Wife, and Nick released one of the best albums of his long career: the funerary (of course) "Skeleton Tree" (2016), which was accompanied by the documentary "One more time with feeling", where Cave talked about the tragedy and the band interpreted the new album in its entirety, accompanied by a 3D photograph in black and white. The film also served to present the album to his fans, because the artist was as of then unable to return to the stage, but in 2017 he embarked on a new world tour with the Bad Seeds, to great critical acclaim: at 60 years of age the Australian is still a huge artist capable of extracting gold from suffering and turning each of his concerts into a collective catharsis, led by this creature of the stage that is one of the few rockstars of the 80 who is still active, able to create current material as good as anything he's released to date. And when an artist of this calibre comes along it's essential to try to see him again in his natural habitat: a live show.

Nick Cave will perform on Thursday, May 31 at the Primavera Sound, and on April 12th he  released a new documentary about the tour called "Distant Sky, Live in Copenhagen", his third documentary in 4 years.