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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Push the Sky Away


By Sergio Pulido 06.05.13
  • Push The Sky Away, album cover

  • Push The Sky Away, Deluxe Edition

In a year that sees the return to form of some music industry heavyweights including My Bloody Valentine and David Bowie, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds should be added to the list with one of the best records they have released over their thirty year career span; Push the Sky Away. After having had a lot of fun with the now defunct parallel garage rock band Grinderman, and after five whole years without releasing anything with the BS, a new perfectly formed work has just come into being, almost conceptual in its scope, that sets aside the raucous and gaspy sounds that normally figure, in order to explore a new sound palette, focusing more on tone and lyrics, that might not work on first listening, but given time (which it deserves) becomes addictive, filled with details, textures and colours. Achieving a balance between lyrics on tracks like Jubilee Street and reflections, as on the song Finishing Jubilee Street about writing music inspired by a dream that Nick had when he finished composing it, as well as recurrent themes like religion, love and paranoia.

This time around (the first album from the Bad Seeds without the pivotal Mick Harvey) Cave joins together with the epic Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wylder, Jim Sclavunos and Thomas Savage, as well as teaming up again with bassist Barry Adamson. Nick Launay produces the album, he has worked with Nick for more than a decade now. Performed live the concert format chosen to present the album is particularly appropriate: the Bad Seeds expands to include string orchestra and children’s choir who play the new material from end to end, no rush, in the same order as the CD, extending some songs and adding emotions through the younger voices; and later providing a greatest hits collection that will satisfy even the most dedicated fans. Being a band that sounds really good live and veterans at giving memorable performances it’s no exaggeration to say that this is one of the best tours they’ve ever done, which is saying a lot.

Push the sky away (Everlasting/Popstock).