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New Realities

Music, Art & Technology

By Brian Gallagher 22.10.14

The technological advances that are changing the world around us are examined through the prism of artists and their interaction with music and technology at this festival taking place at the Mobile World Centre on Plaça Catalunya, on the first floor of the Telefonica space on the corner of Av. Portal de l’Àngel and Fontanella. Digital art, interactive video, sculpture and other art works are displayed at the New Realities exhibition curated by the London based consultancy Alpha-ville. A varied programme of events will be also be taking place between Oct 21st and Dec 13th, the inaugural performance was by Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa an audiovisual spectacle which took place in the auditorium.

“It is no longer about logging on or off, but rather living within and creating harmony with the realms and constructs of the internet for the newest generation of inhabitants.”

Mark Dorf, 2013

  • Music + Arts

    David Marinos, Green Nostalgia

  • Music + Arts

    View of the New Realities Exhibition

    This is an exhibition which manages to make its very complex and engaging subject matter extremely easy to understand. It also communicates some of the most exciting investigations and research that is going on around the world right now including artwork from a generation of creatives who have only ever known the digital era, i.e. under 18 year olds. As well as established artists like Bjork and Radiohead who have experimented with digital artwork and apps (Björk’s Biophilia was the first aPP to be bought by New Yorks’s MOMA). New Realities consists of 12 distinct areas where different aspects of digital arts forms are on display, some of which are more successful than others. Area 2, Screen Based Installations; including works by digital artists Sougwen Chung and Mark Dorf. Area 5, Tangible Objects; includes a 3D visualisation of album tracks, a printed representation of sound waves arranged in a concentric ring. Area 6, Music + Arts Apps Showcase; includes free apps which can be downloaded by visitors after trying them out here. One of the most fascinating has been developed by Radiohead in collaboration with Universal Everything, the band’s back catalogue can be explored through a virtual landscape specially created in App format.  Area 8, Interactive Video; allows for an interactive experience between the viewer and a music video. 

  • Music + Arts


    Mobile World Centre is dedicated to exploring the ways that the internet and mobile technology are influencing everything from how we pay for things to how we socialise to how we work. The online reality of contemporary life offers possibilities unthinkable even just a few years ago, our 24/7 online condition is the virtual space where a new generation of artist are producing some the most compelling contempory artworks.

  • Mark Dorf

    Mark Dorf, screen grab from digital art installation

  • Mark Dorf

    Mark Dorf, screen grab from digital art installation

  • Keiichi Matsuda & James Alliban

    Keiichi Matsuda & James Alliban, Cell 2013

  • Realität

    Realität, Microsonic Landscapes, 2012

  • Fabrica

    Fabrica, Sadly by Your Side, 2013

  • Lullatone & Jono Brandel

    Lullatone & Jono Brandel, Patatap, 2014

  • Lullatone & Jono Brandel

    Lullatone & Jono Brandel, Patatap, 2014

  • Sougwen Chung

    Sougwen Chung, Mytheme Etude Op.4, 2013

  • Universal Everything

    Universal Everything, Radiohead, Nigel Godrich and Stanley Donwood - Polyfauna, 2014

  • Vincent Morisset, Aaron Koblin, Arcade Fire

    Vincent Morisset, Aaron Koblin, Arcade Fire - Just a Reflector, 2011

  • Onformative

    Onformative - Who Are You, 2014

  • LIA

    LIA - Transition 89 2.0 (2014) RCS 21 (2009)

  • New Realities


    Access to the exhibition is free to the public, many of the works are interactive and can be downloaded by visitors through QR codes.