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Up close and personal

By Brian Gallagher 31.05.13

A new theatre initiative to Barcelona following its successful launch in Madrid, Palma and Zaragosa consisting of 4 micro-theatres collected within a refurbished interior around the corner from the Filmoteca building (Plaça de Salvador Seguí) in the Raval area offering a programme of four 15 minute original theatrical works.

Measuring no more than 9 sq.m. each of the theatres can accommodate maximum 4 actors and 15 members of the public, the entrance charge is 4 Euros and there are 6 sessions in total for each of the works which are staggered over the course of the evening. The programme is changed on a monthly basis. The décor is Spartan but efficient, there is a reception area with a bar and seating area which serves tapas and drinks where theatre goers can mingle with the cast members and soak up the atmosphere of this intense and compelling neighbourhood.

  • The Miniteatres bar where theatre goers can mingle with the actors

  • Con la muerte en los sillones

    Amparo Miralles, well known director and producer together with Pilar Zamora and Carlos Fuentes are the creative team behind this worthy cultural project.


  • Swingers

  • Tinc una cita amb Carla Bruni ...

  • El Refugio