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LiveSoundracks + Moreno Bernardi + Gigi Piscitelli

The Blue Room


LiveSoundtracks brings together the choreographer Moreno Bernardi and the composer Gigi Piscitelli to create a unique piece inspired by the cult film Blue by British filmmaker Derek Jarman. A blue dance, reassuring and irritating at the same time, that, through a live sound and music collage, reveals an intimate diary of the body that dances.

Blue is composed of a single blue frame; the ultramarine blue created by the French artist Yves Klein. Faced with this light, the spectator feels surrounded, trapped and imagines movements, forms that meet and distance themselves. Through a fixed and primary element, the film invites to dream, to project a personal fantasy on the blue surface.

In The Blue Room a blue space replaces Blue's monochromatic screen, while two artists create their own interpretation of the film. Moreno Bernardi uses his body as a language and Gigi Piscitelli uses his music.

To complete the proposal, Anna Mastrolitto of LiveSoundtracks and Bernardi set up a didactic project that brings together the students of the MEATS (Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces) of Elisava, students of the ESDi (Escola Superior de Disseny), and a group of young professionals from the SAE Creative Media Institute Barcelona to build, jointly, a dream space to get lost and meet.

  • PH: Yoana Miguel

  • From 01 December to 03 December
  • Sala Hiroshima
  • Vila i Vilà, 65. 08004 Barcelona
  • www.hiroshima.cat
  • December 1st and 2nd: 8:30 pm
    December 3rd: 7 pm
  • 60'