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Listening Station By Analogue Foundation

High fidelity

By Sergio Pulido 22.03.17

A suggestion for lovers of hi-fidelity the authentic sounds of vinyl; the people behind the Analogue Foundation, an organization dedicated to the promotion of music in its analogue format, will be coming to Barcelona after their sojourns in London and Amsterdam, where’ll they’ll be setting up shop for a whole week with their Listening Station, in one of the key enclaves where local collectors of good music come together: Discos Paradiso.          

The proposal is to listen to vinyl records with the highest quality material, whether you want to listen to the own records that customers bring, or those that are for sale in the store: it will be a sound station in which there will be available to the interested parties A wide range of specially selected hands and headphones to try to achieve a pure and perfect sound, the damp dream of any audiophile who boasts.

  • Listening Station
  • Listening Station


    As well as listening within the vinyl boutique the event will also count on a talk about sound given with a well stocked group of local experts and a party with back-to-back DJ sessions led by Marc Piñol and DJ Zero, recognized local pillars of electronic dance music.

  • Listening Station
  • Listening Station

    Dj Marc Piñol

  • Listening Station

    Dj Zero

  • From March 25th till the 31st. Discos Paradiso (c/ Ferlandina 39, Barcelona)
  • Opening Party: ZERO B2B MARC PIÑOL.
  • March 24th from 10.30PM till a 2AM. Espai Artte (Muntaner 83C). Free entrance. Limited. 
  • March 24th. 7PM. Espai Artte (Muntaner 83C). Free entrance (booking required).