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Arola Nights

Live music at the Hotel Arts’ Arola terrace

By Juan M. Fotografías: Roberto Ruiz 06.08.15

Every Thursday from 10pm through till midnight the Arola terrace of the Hotel Arts becomes the perfect spot to enjoy summer nights with live music under the stars with views over the Mediterranean.

The line-up includes classic tapas like the Delta del Ebre Oysters, Cod Fritters and the well loved 'bravas de Arola' (potatoes served with sauce) combined with the unique menu of cocktails and Gin & Tonics with the unmistakable Arts stamp, conceived by the creative barman Diego baud.

Besides enjoying some of the best cuisine and cocktails in Barcelona, Arola Nights also includes performances by groups such as Sugar Drops, a soul and funk band which includes Brazilian drummer Jefferson Otto, Italians Desiree Diouf (vocals) and Gianni Scianname (bass) with Argentinean Fede Rimini (keyboards); and Joerey, a group founded back in 2013 by chef Sergi Arola and his brother, Natxo Arola, who has played with many groups in Spain over the years. The songs and compositions are by Sergi Arola (guitar and vocals), his brother Natxo (bass and vocals) provides the arrangements. The other two members of Joerey are Katia Riera on drums and percussion and Guillermo Garcia on guitars, pianos and choirs.

Joerey was the invited act for the last Thursday July 30th night,,an intimate and powerful performance of pop songs that proved surprising given the authentic feeling and talent of this well known chef who also happens to be a great artist. A feast for all the senses.

  • Joerey

  • Natxo Arola

  • Sergi Arola

  • All pictures ©Roberto Ruiz

  • Las Noches de Arola
  • Every Thursday during August and September
    Joerey, Sergi and Natxo Arola’s group will be performing on August 20th and 27th as well as September 17th and October 1st
  • Terraza Arola - Hotel Arts Barcelona
  • Marina 19–21 08005 Barcelona
  • T. +34 93 221 10 00
  • www.hotelartsbarcelona.com