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Juke Box Jury


By Brian Gallagher 27.03.13

Jukenetbox is the latest instalment in the way that every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more connected with a device that measures a mere few square cm and that the vast majority of us carry around in our pockets. Whether it be smart phone, iphone, blackberry or whatever the rise and rise of the mobile continues unabated. This latest application is inspired by the juke box of old, that intriguing glass fronted machine with its mechanical workings on display, filled with vinyl singles and sonorous longing. With Jukenetbox the idea is that patrons going out to a bar or club can interact with the sound system of the venue by downloading an application and later voting for the songs they want to hear. The most popular tracks are selected and played, as simple as that.

As with so many good ideas it’s simple and straightforward but yet sophisticated and democratic in the way that the best technology and applications can be. All that is required by the venue is a PC, internet access and a song library. Through the jukenetbox website (www.jukenetbox.com), the owners of the venues provide consumers with a playlist rather like Spotify which itself started off modestly before going on to dominate our listening habits.

  • Images of the Jukeboxnet app

  • The entrepreneur who came up with the idea Jesús Iglesias Megías, has an intriguing back story. Born in Zafra (Extremadura) he started earning a living at a young age before abandoning the several businesses he had set up by the age of 23 to move to Bali, Indonesia. His life there inspired this new application which he is commercialising through a pyramid like business model where sales of the software are based on recruited ambassadors.