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Joel Reyes releases new album



Some musicians turn professional through accidental circumstances, others through conviction and still others because of their passion. In the first two categories we find artists who have fulfilled the ambitions they set themselves along the way, including most of the well known musicians on the current scene. In the third category however we have artists like Joel Reyes who considers his success a by-product or anomaly of his job of making music, an artist who has never once thought of throwing in the towel, who has forged a career through hard work, relying on the tried and tested methods of trial and error. Chipping away until finally getting somewhere, like an inquisitive child trying to find answers to big questions, a craftsman working slowly but steadily. Following on from DIY ('do it yourself '), a text book manual on indie music, its modus operandi reflects on his approach to music: never taking his eye off the ball, taking to the road and playing anywhere he can whether it’s a festival or a corner bar. The ex-member of the now defunct Baked Beans has been plying his wares with humility and diligence ever since. First with his band Malacabeza and now with his new musical project (his first solo one), Eléctrico is his first album released under Joel Reyes, the sound is inspired by folk singer-song writers but without giving up his previous identity and turning his back on pop melodies. A stripped back sound almost naked, an intimate album that seeks out the essence of the compositional process. The ambiguity of the title refers more to an emotional rather than a physical power. And its production oozes his trademark warmth and simplicity: less is more. Eléctrico features guest appearances from the likes of Alfa (Le Punk, Goodnight Rose), singer-songwriter Fran Fernández, Murcia based rock musician Carlos Vudú, multi-instrumentalist Amir John Haddad (Zoobazar, Radio Tarifa) and Mario Raya. Produced by Michael Zanon in 'La Cocina de Juan Zarppa' (La Floresta, Tarragona) it’s a warm, naked and intimate album. Tracks on Eléctrico include 'Universos paralelos' with its ambitions to become a classic heart wrenching standard, 'La reina del baile', a cautionary tale of the night and its consequences as well as the quietly self-assured and very catchy 'No sé qué hacer contigo', not forgetting one of the best tracks on the album, the title single 'Eléctrico'.

  • Friday April 11th Barcelona
  • Sala Alfa, Calle Gran De Gràcia 36, 08012 Barcelona
  • www.alfabar.cat
  • T + 934 15 18 24