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IN–EDIT 2019 Barcelona

5 films that deserve seeing

By Sergio Pulido 23.10.19

October is here again and with it the traditional ending the month Barcelona International Musical Documentary Film Festival, better known as In-Edit. As always there’s an impeccable selection of the best documentary cinema this genre has to offer, with parallel activities and the occasional guest; but the protagonists are the movies, and there are at least five that have caught our attention, previewed below:

"Marianne and Leonard: Words of love" by Nick Broomfield.

Three years after the death of the Canadian poet and singer-songwriter, director Nick Broomfield who had already made documentaries about people like Kurt Cobain as well as 2Pac Shakur, recounts the passionate love affair between a young Leonard in his time as a bohemian writer in the Greek island of Hydra, and the Swedish woman Marianne Ihlen, who accompanied him on hisland adventures and inspired immortal songs like "So long, Marianne". A story of true love that overcomes separation, the years, and even death itself.


    "David Bowie: finding fame" by Francis Whately.

    For this his third documentary inspired by the figure of Bowie, Whately looks at this BBC production to examine the artist’s long road to fame which was neither quick nor sudden, but the result of many years of apprenticeship, trying things out, training and putting bands together, changes of musical styles, adoption of the alter ego of ZIggy Stardust, and the subsequent disposal of the character in 1973. 10 years of arduous artistic pilgrimage in the formation of an artist who was to become a universal icon.

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    "Mistify: Michael Hutchence" by Richard Lowenstein.

    From the global super-success to accidental death from autoerotic asphyxiation or simply suicide? Any former teenagers of the 80s must surely remember Australian band INXS who were as big as U2 or Depeche Mode back in the day with a charismatic front man (like Bono or Dave Gahan). Michael Hutchence had beauty, talent, charisma, but it al ended in tragic and mysterious circumstances. This documentary with testimonials from friends, ex-girlfriends (like Kylie Minogue), and others close to him try to shed light on the life of this pop star, today perhaps somewhat forgotten.

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    “Everybody’s everything,” by Sebastian Jones and Ramez Silyan.

    Not just from former glories does a festival survive. This documentary tells the story of Lil 'Peep, a recent figure from the subgenre known as ‘emo trap’, who only managed to release a single record during his life, and died of an overdose at 21, just when fame came knocking at his door with critical and public success. And nowadays a legend for a genre that has become a favourite with much of today’s youth.

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    “Ibiza: The silent movie” by Julien Temple and Fatboy Slim

    This movie doesn’t have any talking to the camera and there is no voiceover, so it’s “silent”, and features veteran director Julien Temple (“Absolute beginners”, “The filth and the fury”), a master of the musical documentary, managing to tell the history of the island, starting with the Phoenicians to the super clubs of today, passing through its hippie stage as well as its mythical fame as the place where electronic dance music spread to the rest of Europe, all set to music by someone who knows the island very well: Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim. Rave cinema.

  • In-Edit Barcelona 2019
  • From 24 October to 03 November
  • Aribau Multicines
  • Carrer d'Aribau, 5
  • es.in-edit.org/