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Street Art at Metric Market, Barcelona


Over this year Metric Market and Bizzarre will be presenting a multidisciplinary art project titled Genesis that consists of a series of seven different events that bring together art, music and gastronomy, each one focused on a chapter of The Creation of the World (Creatio ex Nihilo). With each chapter an invited international artist working in the urban arts will paint a mural within the Metric Market space. This Wednesday May 11th the third instalment will be taking palce, Water by the Italian artist  ZED 1.

For the first chapter ‘The Creation from nothing. Heaven and Earth’ which took place in January, the selected artist was Barcelona based Leon Ka a.k.a Kafre, who studied philosophy at the renowned Stanford University. A graffiti artist since the 1990s, Kafre continues to develop his art along ontological lines. The event at Metric Market included projections and live painting.

  • Genesis, Chapter I, Heaven and Earth, by Leon Ka

  • Leon Ka

    For the second chapter ‘Day and Night’ (May 2016) the invited artists were Klub 7, from Berlin whose background was originally in making posters. The scale of their art projects subsequently grew to building size, or entire room interventions, works that can be read from long distances and street perspectives. They are prolific artists who enjoy travelling throughout the world bringing passion and enthusiasm through their art. Their work is defined by shape, colour and movement and could be described as graphic, abstract, young and figurative. To create a day and night effect, in Metric Market painted murals with a specific paint colors he reacted as RGB, ie depending on changes of light.

  • Klub 7

  • Klub 7

    For the third chapter ‘Water’, the invited artist is ZED 1. Born in Florence ZED has been a street artist, in the truest sense of the term, for over 20 years. Through a constant and varied development of his technique, his style has evolves in line with his work as a writer which motivates him to paint trains, walls and surfaces of all kinds. In Metric Market ZED 1 will also be presenting his ‘Second Skin’ project where people are invited to remove parts of the work and thus completely alter the finished artwork.


  • Zed 1

  • Zed 1, detalle

  • Zed 1, wall painting on a building



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