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Fotogramas 1946-62

; Light, modernity and rebellion by Mazda Rebels

By B. Gallagher 05.11.15

The film industry of the late 1940s and 1950s represents a fascinating insight into a world that is radically different from our modern reality. Nowadays it is hard to understand the strictures and obstacles that had to be negotiated to deal with issues that we take so much for granted. This period is the subject of an exhibition currently on display at the Mazda Space located in the Born neighbourhood of Barcelona which is explored through archival material sourced from Fotogramas, the first magazine dedicated to cinema to be published in Spain. Founded originally in 1946 it continues to publish monthly reports on new releases as well as providing insights into the industry and its stars, those figures who have influenced so many aspects of our lives. Despite the heavy handed censorship of the time Fotogramas managed to reflect both the local and international word of cinema and the inevitable changes that were on their way to Spain.

The exhibition traces a journey through the world of film and journalism in post WWII Spain, reflecting a complex and sometimes paradoxical reality of propaganda and censorship, as well as naïvité, rebellion and reaction. The exhibition brings together valuable archival, historical, cultural and personal documentation all sourced from Fotogramas’ own files, which are on exhibition for the first time to the public. Including a wide variety of source material such as signed photos, censorship records, covers, articles, posters, documentaries, among others, featuring Spanish and international "stars " of the silver screen.

  • Mazda Space
  • Mazda Space

    The exhibition includes a wide ranges of materials; signed photos, magazine covers, archival documents and censorship reports etc.

    Toni Ulled, the third generation director of Fotogramas explains; “This exhibition has great historical value given the source material at our disposal  dealing with the cultural construction of Spain between the decades of the 1940s to the 1960s, at a time when cinema was helping to improve the world, to encourage debate and forget the harsh reality of the post-war period.”

  • Mazda Space

    Some of the original covers feature a hand colouring technique 

  • Mazda Space


    After travelling to Madridm New Cork and Malaga the Fotogramas exhibition will be on view in Barcelona at the Mazda Space until the 24th of January 2016, entrance is free of charge.

  • Toni Ulled director of Fotogramas, José María Terol director of Mazda España and Ana Cabello exhibition curator

    Mazda Space, a unique cultural platform contains over 2,00 sq.m. of exhibition space located at the Herat of the Born opposite the Epai Born, dedicated to launching new products and hosting an eclectic range of cultural activities that share the same avant-garde philosophy and quest for improvement.     

  • From 30 October to 24 January
  • Mazda Space
  • Comerc 60 08003
  • www.mazda.es