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Flors al Mercat

A plant-based weekend

By Silvia Micolau 26.05.22

The third edition of this plant-based event will bring together, next weekend, at Plaça Margarida Xirgu, which once housed Barcelona's central flower market, florists, artisans and designers who are inspired by nature, initiatives that work in favor of urban green and a more sustainable city, free activities for all ages such as the exchange of cuttings, paid workshops and with prior registration such as "Your fern is a trophy" with Paul Justin Scott, and gastronomic proposals. Flors al Mercat thus becomes a space for meeting and learning about the world of plants.

Invited to introduce their projects will be the activists from Eskocells, who propose to cultivate micro-gardens or orchards in the street pits where the trees are planted; the Col·lectiu Eixarcolant, which recovers wild edible species and traditional agricultural varieties to promote a more responsible, ethical and fair model of food production, distribution and consumption and socio-economic development, and Cooltivat, pioneers in putting Barcelona's first online vegetable garden within a click.

  • Flors al Mercat  Barcelona plant-based event weekend

    Cuttings interchange


    Among the flower shops you will find Casa Pampa with its collection specimens, Àrbora with its tillandsias or aerial plants, Minimal Moss terrariums, The Boj bouquets, Fedra kokedamas, Verde Raíz seed bombs, decorative balls that they bloom by BoladeFang…

  • Flors al Mercat  Barcelona plant-based event Casa Pampa

    Casa Pampa

  • Flors al Mercat  Barcelona plant-based event Fedra



    And also, pots by La-a and Ani Ceramics, textile creations by Minipicnic, basketry by Montse Roa, illustrations by Gala Pont, vegan and solid cosmetics...


  • Flors al Mercat  Barcelona plant-based event Ani Ceramics

    Ani Ceramics


    To eat and drink, vegetable cheeses, artisanal preserves, EVOO, kimchi, raw cakes, vegan ice creams, CBD products, kombucha and mead, chai tea, organic wines, the natural cuisine of Farm to Table...

  • Flors al Mercat  Barcelona plant-based event weekend