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Barcelona’s 18th International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


Casal Lambda and FIRE!!, 18th Barcelona’s International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is celebrating its 18th anniversary with the most comprehensive programme of its history. Under the slogan "No queens, no kings, just you" celebrating their coming of age with a clear and direct message: "We’re not interested in idols, neither political, nor religious, nor cultural, or social. Just you."

  • 'Io Sono L'Amore'. Luca Guadagnino. Italy, 2009. (Feature Fiim)

    Twenty six titles including feature films and documentaries have been selected for this very special years programme. 26 cinematic shots that defend freedom above all else and which reflects one common goal: cinema as a tool for contemplation and critique.

    With this the 18th edition there is a special focus on Latin American cinema;
    Argentina, Cuba, Chile and Spain. And for the first time an entire cycle dedicated to transsexuals. A preview of the programme highlights includes:

    Feature films: “Joven y alocada" directed by Marialy Rivas (Chile), one of the freshest and most in your face films of the year, and "Yossi" the new film from acclaimed Israeli director Eytan Fox.

    Documentaries: an extraordinary portrait of the famous American writer Bowles “Paul Bowles, The Cage Door is Always Open” by Daniel Young, and the unclassifiable profile of John Waters’ muse "I am Divine" by Jeffrey Schwarz.

    The "Pantalla Trans" cycle: the acclaimed "Bambi" by Sébastien Lifshitz, awarded a Teddy for best documentary at  Berlinale 2013.

    And within the retrospective section "The Look of ...": "Orlando" by Sally Potter, one of the films dedicated to Tilda Swinton, actress, director, activist and modern muse.

    The French Institute of Barcelona continues to provide the headquarters for Fire!! and which will accommodate the official section, the "Display Trans" series and "We Are Family" as well as the retrospective "The look of ..." this year dedicated to Tilda Swinton. Casa Asia will hosts the Asian film series "East of Eden".

    The programme, contents, trailers and technical data and other info for all the films can be consulted online; wwwmostrafire.com

  • 'Joven & alocada'. Marialy Rivas. Chile, 2012.

  • 'Yossi'. Eytan Fox. Israel, 2012

  • 'I am Divine'. Jeffrey Schwarz. United States, 2013

  • 'Bambi'. Sébastien Lifshitz. France, 2013. (Documentary Film)

  • 'Orlando'. Sally Potter. United Kingdom, 1992. (Feature Film)

  • 'Paul Bowles, The Cage Door is Always Open'. Daniel Young. Switzerland, 2012

  • From 04 July to 14 July
  • Institut Français
  • C. Moià, 8 08006 Barcelona
  • www.mostrafire.com