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Fire!! 2012

17ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lesbià de Barcelona

  • 'Keep the lights on', Ira Sachs. USA, 2012

  • 'Gun hill road', Rashaad Ernesto Green. USA, 2011

  • 'My brother the devil', Sally El Hosaini. UK, 2012

  • 'Circumstance', Mayam Keshavarz. France, USA, Iran, 2011

  • 'Vito', Jeffrey Schwarz. USA, 2011

At an historical moment during which social, labor and civil rights or the right to education and health, which many generations have fought and sacrificed for, are now under threate, FIRE!, Barcelona's international exhibition gay and lesbian film, ​​returns stronger than ever.

Once again, FIRE! 2012 showcases its passion for good cinema. On the one hand dispaying quality and artistic cinema as well as the social message that many films, especially documentaries offer. Further exploring in this way the discourse that has remained consistent since the first edition: cinema as a tool for reflection and criticism. As a reminder and a testament to what has been achieved to date and how much remains to be done.

On this year's Fire! 2012 programme, the following titles are especially noteworthy:

Within the feature selection, "Keep the Lights On" by Ira Sachs, which tells the story of the documentary maker Erik Rothman and attorney Paul Luly and their difficulties building a solid relationship, a life and home together while each struggle to overcome their own addictions. The great music of Arthur Russell sets the lyrical and dramatic tone of the entire work. The Spanish premier and winer of the Teddy Award for Best Film at the Berlin Film Festival 2012; "Gun Hill Road" by Rashaad Ernesto Green, for its fresh and naturalistic portrayal of the difficult world of transsexuality and puberty. "My Brother The Devil" an impressive debut from director Sally El Hosaini and prize winner for best film at Sundance 2012. "Circumstance" by Maryam Keshavarza, a brave and daring film that questions the moral, political and social codes in an Islamic country like Iran.

Within the documentary films section, "Vito", directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, profiles the energetic life of its protagonist Vito Russo, gay activist recognized worldwide for his contribution to the gay liberation movement, a life dedicated to the rights of minorities. "Valentino The Last Emperor" by Matt Tyrnauer, a documentary that will be of interest to lovers of fashion, examines the process of making a "diva" and the sophisticated world of haute couture.

As a major new feature this year, Fire! presents the first International Short Film Contest "Filming Against Violence", in collaboration with Amnesty International and the film school Bande à Part. The competition is open to all creators, more information and complete rules: http://www.bandeapart.org/concursoamnistia

FIRE! is the current name of the previous 'Mostra Lambda' which was the first exhibition of gay and lesbian cinema created in Spain back in 1995 by the Casal Lambda Barcelona. Since then it has captured the imagination of a noncomformist cinema loving audience. Not just within the sphere of the gay community, but also and above all for anyone interested in human rights, good movies, music and other artistic expressions.

  • From 05 July to 15 July
  • Instituto Francés de Barcelona
  • Carrer de Moià, 8 Barcelona
  • www.mostrafire.com