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In-Edit Festival 2021


By Sergio Pulido 25.10.21

Not only are music festivals returning after the enormous collective effort that has meant to control the Covid 19 epidemic in Catalonia, film festivals are also returning, and it is another excellent reason to culturally celebrate the return of our lives to the new normality.

The now classic music documentary festival will be held from October 28 to November 7 at the Aribau Multicines complex on C / Aribau 5, with parallel activities at La Cantina Pop Up Bar and the well-known Pullitzer Hotel.

On this occasion there will be a special of electronic music in duet with the SónarCCCB festival, which will feature documentaries about people like Laurent Garnier and Matthew Herbert, another special of atypical biographies together with Etnia Barcelona, various parallel activities, and an appetizing selection of films in general, of which we have selected about 5 that according to our instincts can be particularly interesting. But of course there is much more to see and for all tastes on the festival program.

  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021
  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021


    Jane by Charlotte (Charlotte Gainsbourg, 2021)

    Charlotte Gainsbourg, actress, singer and now newcomer director, interviews her mother Jane Birkin, also actress, singer, pop icon and ex-wife and muse of the unforgettable Serge Gainsbourg; and she leaves no rugged subject untouched: the mythical and toxic relationship of her parents, addictions, becoming old, the suicide of her sister Kate Barry, etc., in an exercise of total brutal family honesty, but in front of the camera.

  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021


    Tina (Daniel Lindsay T.J.Martin, 2021)

    We had already seen the biopic of Tina Turner starring Angela Basset, now in her eighth decade of life and already retired, the legendary singer and scenic whirlwind returns to review her hectic life in documentary format, which talks about gender violence, resilience, courage, talent and a rebirth from the ashes that we still talk about today, although the artist is already retired from the stage. A talent capable of overcoming any tragedy.


  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021


    Other, Like Me. The oral history of Coum & Throbbing Gristle (Marcus Wener Hed, Dan Fox, 2020)

    A un año de la muerte de Genesis Breyer P. Orridge, encontramos a la voz de este ícono pandrógino de la contracultura junto a su ex compañera Cosey Fanny Tutti, contándonos sus comienzos como artistas de vanguardia primero con el colectivo de performances COUM Transmissions y después como los pioneros de la música industrial Throbbing Gristle, un legado alucinante del que aún queda mucha tela por cortar.

  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021


    Sisters with Transistors (Lisa Rovner, 2020)

    More about pioneers of electronic music, in this case focused on the women who worked from the 50's in that wonderful world of music made with synthesizers, computers, primitive electronic instruments, and drum machines. Laurie Anderson tells the story of Clara Rockmore, Delia Derbyshire, Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel, and other visionaries women who sometimes don't get the recognition they deserve.

  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021


    L´home dibuixat. Una conversa amb Jaume Sisa (Joan Celdrán, Ángel Leiro, 2021)

    A myth from the Catalan “galactic song” speaks frankly about fear, memories and his career, all seasoned with juicy archive images from bygone times.

  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021
  • In-Edit Festival Barcelona 2021

    Stills from 'L´home dibuixat. Una conversa amb Jaume Sisa'. Joan Celdrán, Ángel Leiro, 2021


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