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Experience the Dolby Cinema emotion

Batman Vs Superman


On March 23 the expected "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" premieres, and Dolby Cinema offers the best alternative medium to enjoy this film, making the movie experience a unique and unforgettable one.

Equipped with sound and visual effects of stunning realism, the Dolby Atmos (sound) and Dolby Vision (image) technologies ensure that the viewer is fully immersed in the action. Dolby Cinema is thus the only cinema space where Batman Vs Superman can be experienced as the director originally wanted.

Dolby Vision offers a higher brightness projection and incredible contrasts, a range of colours never before seen on the screen, and a deeper black that can be easily distinguished even in the darkest scenes of the battle between the two superheroes. The action will come alive with a realistic and incredibly vivid vibrancy to transmit each image with dramatic impact.


    The audio will also contribute to the audience enjoyment of the film where the sound flows around the auditorium. The sound comes from all directions, including the ceiling so that it no audio details are lost, creating a completely captivating experience.

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    These technologies are combined with an inspired interior design which has been thought through to the smallest detail, from the entrance to the interior and each of the seats, to create an enveloping and intense experience. The screen is wall to wall, creating an unforgettable visual impact. No need to worry about what row you're in because each seat is designed to have an optimum field of view and perfect sound for the film,  almsot as if you were part of it.