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Eulàlia Bergadà

Nixie (deep inside)


An energetic journey through dance, image and sound. An explosion of light from the clandestine darkness of the party. Metaphors and allegories that make us descend to the depths of the psyche to plunge into chaos, laugh and free ourselves from our b-side, which is a great source of creativity and catharsis.

Nixie is a contemporary dance solo, in which Eulàlia Bergadà returns to share the stage with the violinist Aloma Ruiz, and interacts with characters created from sound and video.

With the protagonist, Nixie -a woman?, a goddess?, a mermaid?, the representation of the feminine shadow?-, we submerge in the ocean in search of the most intangible particle of identity, facing the nostalgia of oblivion and the passing of time, and leaving behind past forms, but never our essence.

  • From 19 January to 21 January
  • Sala Hiroshima
  • Vila i Vilà, 65. 08004 Barcelona
  • www.hiroshima.cat
  • January 19th and 20th: 8:30 pm
  • January 21st: 7 pm
  • 40'