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XConfessions 2 is the latest collections of 10 erotic shorts inspired by the original XConfessions, an innovative internet platform where anonymous contributions are published dealing with their erotic fantasies. Erika Lust chooses two of the most compelling each month and adapts them into erotic short films. This is the first instance of crowd-sourcing within the world of adult cinema.

Erika Lust is a Swedish national residing in Barcelona, a writer and director of erotic adult cinema who has revolutionised the medium. She produces and directs intelligent, sexually positive films aimed at women and couples.

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    Erika, made ‚Äč‚Äčher first film, The Good Girl, in 2004 which was distributed free over the Internet and had 2,000,000 downloads in the first month after its release. Winning the the NINFA award for best short at the 2005 Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival (FICEB). The response to this first film was so positive that it encouraged her to create more ambitious projects. In 2007, Erika wrote and directed her first movie, Five Hot Stories for Her, a compilation of five short films created specifically for women and couples. The Good Girl was included in the quintet. Five Hot Stories for Her has won numerous awards, Best Screenplay at the Erotic Film Festival of Barcelona (2007), Best Film for Women at Venus Berlin (2007), an honourable mention in CineKink New York, and film of the year at the Feminist Porn Festival in Toronto (2008).


    Following the success of his first film, Erika embarked on an independent experimental documentary, The Barcelona Sex Project, which deals with the lives, personalities and orgasms of six Barcelona residents, ‚Äč‚Äčand was awarded as Best Erotic Documentary at Venus Berlin (2008) further received an honourable mention at the Feminist Porn Festival Toronto (2009); It was followed by other productions, Life Love Lust (2010), the long-awaited continuation de Five Stories For Her, Cabaret Desire (2011), her highly ambitious and personal film, and the newly released XConfessions. She has also published five books: How to film Sex, her acclaimed erotic novel The Song of Nora, Porn for Women, The Erotic Bible to Europe and Love Me Like You Hate Me.

  • From 05 September to 19 September
  • Escudellers 12
  • September 5th, 5 PM
  • Tienda Erótica, Escudellers 12
  • 08002
  • www.lovestop.cat