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El Esperanza, by Quique Culebras

Teatro de Cerca


Oriol and Paco are the two actors who represent this gay couple whose drama is played out centimetres in front of the audience that surrounds this theatrical work. Their committed performance reflects the vertiginous display of emotions suggested by the text. The play is centred round a peculiar Christmas dinner scenario that turns out to be a tough test of survival for this couple threatened by a most powerful enemy: fear.

With over 350 performances taking place in private homes (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Galicia, Granada ...) works that include "La Carcoma" and "La Ceniza", the TeatrodeCERCA drama company has consolidated its approach of producing avant-garde theatre since its beginnings back in 2003. Also having ventured  into concert-show territory with Conciertoencanto in 2004, DosMás (TwoMore)in 2007, Atracar un banco con un bote de laca (Holding up a bank with a can of hairspray) in 2010 and El Esperanza (The Hope) in 2011. 

This minimalist format has allowed the company explore new languages for contemporary theatre bringing it closer to the audience without recourse to artifice, stage scenery or any other equipment. Somewhat like trapeze artists flying without a net where the actors explore the essential truths and authenticity of the works, characteristics that have become part of TeatrodeCERCA’s identity and synonymous with them.

  • El Esperanza
  • El Esperanza


    Actors: Oriol Grau and Paco Romero

    Music: Pau de Nut

    Text and direction: Quique Culebras

    Language: castellano + català

    Duration: 75 mins. approx, sin entreacto

  • TeatrodeCERCA
  • Teatre Tantarantana,
  • Carrer de les Flors, 22, 08001 Barcelona, España
  • T:+34 934 41 70 22
  • www.tantarantana.com
  • www.teatrodecerca.com
  • Performances on May 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th at Atic22, Teatro Tantarantana. More info on the theatre's web.