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By Sergio Pulido 08.08.18

DGTL, the festival of Dutch origin, returns to Barcelona for the fourth consecutive year. In this time the brand has already settled in our city, and it is an event of the highest level within Barcelona's electronic music market which is increasingly broad and diversified. DGTL already shines with its own light and it is our understanding by these four pillars.

Luxury Line Up.

In this festival are practically all the names that matter and that are relevant in the underground house and techno scene of this moment. They are able to bring together the most convincing and significant artists of the moment, achieving a programme that can make other much more famous and publicized festivals of the same genre pale. Within this selection of stars we can highlight some interesting back-to-back sessions: the expert cratedigger Antal with the younger Palms Trax, the versatile Ben UFO with the Dutch marvel Job Jobse, or the Carl Craig myth with Cassy. Then we can see the "solo" sessions that also bring a lot of material: the omnipresent Maceo Plex, the more than partying Jamie Jones, the more than requested Amelie Lens, the master Ben Klock, Solomun, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and more. There is also plenty of space for local artists already consecrated or to be discovered: the magnificent varied taste and assortment of Abu Sou, the monolithic Oscar Mulero, Pional, and so on.

  • DGTL BCN 2017 @PabloBustos


    Industrial aesthetics + artistic installations.

    An industrial environment is almost the natural habitat of techno. DGTL has a very careful aesthetic for its stages and also in each edition they bring installations and sculptures by new artists that are always surprising. A festival is not only sound and songs.

  • DGTL Barcelona 2018
  • DGTL Barcelona 2018
  • DGTL Barcelona 2018

    SKYLINE by Nick Verstand, Boris Acket, Bob Roijen


    Magnificent sound.

    It has happened more than once to attend a highly publicized electronic event and that upon arrival, the sound is poor. This does not happen in DGTL: there are four scenarios with magnificent sound systems, which are essential to properly enjoy the nuances and sound colors of house and techno quality. In this they get an outstanding.

    First level organization.

    This is not the Mad Cool. There are no eternal queues, you do not miss 45 minutes going to the toilet or ordering a beer. A good "festivalero" knows that these questions are fundamental for the enjoyment of multitudinous events, and here they are fulfilled.

  • DGTL Barcelona 2018

    DGTL BCN 2017 @PabloBustos

  • DGTL Barcelona 2018

    DGTL BCN 2017 @PabloBustos


    DGTL Barcelona 2018

  • From 11 August to 12 August
  • Parc del Fòrum
  • Carrer de la Pau, 12, 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs
  • bcn.dgtl.nl/es/