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Design, action, camera!

By Brian Gallagher 30.09.13

A collaboration between the DHUB (Barcelona’s Design Museum) and the Filmoteca (Catalan Film Institute) where all the films included on the programme will be screened. The inaugural session will be presented by Pilar Vélez, director of the Museum of Design in Barcelona, Esteve Riambau, director of the Film Library of Catalonia and Guim Espelt, curator of the cycle.


The complete series 'Design, Camera, Action! Design in cinema' consists of a total of sixteen instalments (thirteen feature films and three collections of shorts), through which various aspects of the world of product design are analyzed from a cinematic viewpoint. The design museum aims to show that these two disciplines, design and film, which may appear to have little in common, in reality have important links. The films show fictionalised scenes from the everyday, biographies of inventors and designers. From the mechanization of production explored in À nous la liberté to reflections on the future of Woody Allen’s film Sleeper, with its striking pop aesthetic, through to biographical films (biopics) on figures like Thomas Edison in Edison, the Man and Preston Tucker in Tucker: the Man and His Dream directed by Francis Ford Coppola, featuring a selection of films where the focus is either on design or the designer / inventor as the main protagonist.

  • Sleeper, Woody Allen - 1973

  • Architect Charles Deaton's house features in the film Sleeper

    Also included are films looking at the process of design, management, preservation and production as well as movies that consider the special relationships that exist between people and objects from the past, present and future.

  • The 'Sleeper' house interior

    'Design, Camera, Action! Design in film' takes place from next Thursday, October 3, 2013 to Thursday June 12, 2014.