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Reemburse EOS


The changing nature of photography and the technological developments that have brought the digital and analogue worlds together is facilitated by highly sophisticated photography products which are constantly being updated. Canon Inc the renowned Japanese firm are currently promoting their range of cameras, lenses and flashes with a reimbursement of up to 300 Euros provided to their customers depending on the amount spent.

Simply consult the website https://reembolso.canon.es/ after having made the purchase (up to 5 articles can be listed) register the purchases not forgetting to include the receipt and then wait for an SMS (REFERENCIA SMS) which will allow customers to get a refund from an authorised ATM.

  • EOS-1 Camera

    EOS, or Electro-Optical-System is a photography system first launched in 1987 with the Canon EOS 650 camera. The acronym EOS is an homage to the Goddess Eos in Greek mythology the goddess of dawn. The range is still being added to today, aimed at both professional and non-professionals alike.

  • A rage of Canon's lenses from 70 to 200 mm

  • EOS-7D Camera