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Brunch In The Park #6

Apotheosis of legends

By Sergio Pulido 03.08.17

For several seasons brunch - in the park have been offering the best outdoor underground electronic programme in Barcelona. As soon as they enter the summer of 2017, they are going for their sixth edition of the year, and this one of August 6th has particulary caught our attention for having two true legends on both sides of the Atlantic: the English Andrew Weatherall (of 54 young years old ), And the Detroit Legends Octave One.           

Andrew Weatherall is a survivor of the first group of English superstar DJs of the late 80's. He was contemporary to other legends as Paul Oakenfold or Danny Rampling, but while these nowadays are not as popular as before and are more related to a more commercial type of electronic music, the former ex Sabers of Paradise is still much apreciated inside the underground circuit. He is an unclassifiable artist, who dominates the dub, house and techno rock, and that in his sets can surprise with anything, always something interesting, novel and stimulating for those who like to discover new sounds in a DJ session.

  • brunch in the park Andrew Weatherall


    Octave One is the musical project of the brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden, from Detroit, birthplace of techno, that have been editing material since 1989, and are associated with other great names of the sound of that mythical city, like the indispensable Derrick May who was the one that published their first works on his label. Their biggest hit is "Blackwater", from the year 2000, and they do not stop touring the world with their powerful and organic live set, which is always well received in every dancefloor of electronic connoisseurs that precie to be it.

  • brunch in the park Octave One


    The music will start from 01:00 pm to 10:00 pm, with performances by other artists such as Factory Floor and others, as well as commercial and children activities that are always one of the main demands of this successful musical event.

    For the rest of the season they will bring several music jewels, such as Martinez Brothers, Tiga, Gui Boratto, Paco Osuna or Dubfire, within a very interesting list that can be consulted in detail at:


  • brunch in the park Factory Floor

    Factory Floor

  • brunch in the park Lui


  • brunch in the park Psychmagik