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Brunch in the park 2019: September 15th

Maceo Plex, Daniel Avery, Jennifer Cardini and the Mosaic troupe at the Parc de la Trinitat

By Sergio Pulido 14.09.19

Summer is ending and the same is happening with the Brunch in The Park cycle, which had the privilege of hanging the Sold Out sign in almost every afternoon organized in the Joan Brossa Gardens of Montjuc. Since last week they moved to another spot of our city that is usually underutilized and it is a success that they have added it for this type of events: the Parc de la Trinitat, where BCN ends up to go giving way to Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

For this occasion the proposal goes through the Mosaic project, led by Maceo Plex who has taken charge of the line up and selection of artists for the two stages of the event, the Principal and the Verd, with a selection of artists led by Eric Estornel, better known for his alias of Maceo Plex, and another heavyweight: the eclectic Daniel Avery. For Escenari Verd, the main claim is the French Jennifer Cardini, electro teacher of the 21st century, who never disappoints.

  • Brunch in the park 2019 Barcelona

    Brunch In the Park 2018

  • Maceo Plex

    Maceo Plex

  • Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery by ©Steve Gullick

  • Jennifer Cardini

    Jennifer Cardini by Christian Werner


    The complete schedules and programming are:

    Escenari Principal - Mosaic -In the Park
    20:00h to 22:00h Maceo Plex
    18:30h to 20:00h Daniel Avery
    17:00h to 18:30h Denis Sulta
    15:00h to 17:00h Shall Ocin
    13:00h to 15:00h Orbe

    Escenari Verd - Presented by Mosaic
    19:30h to 22:00h Jennifer Cardini
    18:00h to 19:30h Alinka
    16:00h to 18:00h Orbe (live)

    And in addition to the usual food and beverage stalls, it is always good to remember that Brunch has been the first festival to adhere to the 'No Callem' protocol against sexual assault and harassment during musical events, and continues its commitment to The Observatory Against Homophobia, working to create an environment where all attendees can feel free and comfortable to express themselves as they wish.