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Beach Beach at Sala Be Good

Fred Perry Subculture Live


The legendary British firm Fred Perry created the Fred Perry Subculture movement in London some time ago. Due to its success, Fred Perry Subculture began to cross borders and this fall finally arrives in Barcelona, one of the most active cities in promoting local emerging musical talent.

Beach Beach, resident in Barcelona but of Mallorcan origin, is one of the leaders band in the emerging panorama of their musical style, which ranges from punk to pop, always in an indie key. The quartet, formed by Pau Riutort, Tomeu Mulet, Àngel Garau and Lluís Cabot, has already released two albums, in 2012 and 2014, and this past March has published two new singles: Scrolling Down and Vegetating. Both songs are odes to "the hangover", with a style that is more oriented to relaxed indie pop.

  • photo © Alba Yruela


    Fred Perry Subculture sought to be one of the first platforms to raise awareness on a global level of the newest underground bands of the country's music scene. His goal was and still is to link the brand with the most authentic alternative contemporary music and to stay true to the rich British musical heritage, already united with Fred Perry throughout its history. Among the new musicians that have been part of the Subculture Live movement include The Young Knives, The Rakes, The View, Black Lips as well as legends like Paul Weler, Graham Cozon (Blur) and Terry Hall (The Specials).

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  • Fred Perry Subculture

    Fred Perry Subculture - Bakar

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    Fred Perry Subculture - Throwing Shade

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