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Atresbandes+Reckless Sleepers

L’últim sopar

L'últim sopar is a performance in which the audience is invited to sit down at the table with the interpreters to share with them the thirteen "last menus" of thirteen 
condemned to death. While the wine glasses are filled and the plates parade, the three actors present the last words and wills of famous people: heroes, heroines, stars
or criminals. Based on real stories or fiction, which have taken place in the past or will be developed in the future, L'últim sopar is an adaptation of the show The Last
Supper by the Belgian/English company Reckless Sleepers, made by the director and author of the text, Mole Wetherell, for the company Atresbandes.

It is a text show for 39 people where the audience is seated on three long tables (13 people per table as at the Last Supper of Jesus Christ), and water, wine and thirteen dishes are served in total corresponding to the last 13 menus of condemned to death and that the spectators end up sharing. From liver with onion, to a hamburger or a chocolate cake. As the waiters are serving, the interpreters go on a historical tour interpreting the last words of great figures in history: Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe, Francisco Franco, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci...

  • Image: Mole Wetherell

  • From 20 December to 23 December
  • Sala Hiroshima
  • Vila i Vilà, 65. 08004 Barcelona
  • www.hiroshima.cat
  • December 20th-23rd and 27th-30th
  • 8:30 pm
  • 90’
  • Show in Catalan