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By Brian Gallagher 14.03.13

It’s difficult to think of an area of contemporary life that information technology has not altered in one way or another, now our interaction with alcohol and the hospitality sector is being infiltrated by the digital world with new possibilities and opportunities. The following is a round up of some of the best and most interesting webs and apps that have been recently launched in Barcelona designed to optimise the experience of going out for a drink, a meal or simply staying home and having a gin & tonic.

  • iPad Menu wine selection developed for Romain Fornell, Caelis

  • iPad Menu para Wave, W Barcelona

    eMenu iPad

    An interactive touch screen menu application aimed at restaurants, bars and hotels created in conjunction with Apple, uses the IOS operating system, which is updated automatically whenever any change is made to inventory. Innovative and dynamic digital interface allowing the display in high-resolution quality photos of the products on offer, specials, ingredients and particularly recommended for wine lists and menu design, primarily aimed at restaurants who want to give their clients a more informative and value added customer experience.

    Mi Hormiga is an specialist company dedicated to digital signage and dynamic communication. This includes tactile systems, digital marketing, DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising in public spaces, point of sale signage and everything that has to do with general signage. Aimed to the field of internal communication in the external (POS, Retail).



  • Loyalty system launched by IdeaKnow aimed at the restaurant/retail sector

  • Emblematic Restaurant Els Quatro Gats where diners can try the Idea Know loyalty system


    Leading Spanish company IdeaKnow recently launched a ‘loyalty’ system for restaurants and retail customers through a mobile application available on iPhone and Android. The aim is that the user can enjoy the benefits of their favourite restaurant or shop through their mobile. This innovative concept unique in Barcelona rewards diner’s for their custom. Its scope is wide ranging from restaurants to boutiques to other retail outlets, offering advantage including special offers, discounts and even gifts (depending on the business).

    The system detects the user through the GPS location and welcomes him or her with a message on entering the restaurant. Its personalized function can be set up to award the clients who consume most. This system offers individual businesses many advantages, creating a bond with customers, follow up and providing added value, considered  very important under current circumstances.


  • Spanish website dedicated to the culture of alcohol


    GintoniQ is a specialised website that retails in the world’s most renowned premium gins and tonics for customers in search of the ultimate Gin & Tonic. The web also includes a number of other spirits as well as selected gourmet products, spices and mixers, cocktail paraphernalia, special offers and gift packs. Regular updates with special editions and information regarding the products. Delivery service for all parts of Spain is also provided, guaranteed within a time frame of between 24 and 72 working hours.

    The GintoniQ website belongs to the Consigel S.L. company specialising in high end food and drink products which was originally founded in 1988.