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A musical and gastronomic voyage through the Mediterranean

By Redacción 20.07.18

This coming Saturday July 21st will be the first edition of ABORD!, a daytime entertainment and cultural activity  in Barcelona that was conceived with the main objective of paying homage to Mediterranean gastronomy and wine culture that combines music, gastronomy, wine tasting as well as social and environmental awareness. The creators of ABORD! define it as a musical and gastronomic journey through the Mediterranean without leaving Barcelona.

The activities will be held in the Baluard gardens, a unique space that is rarely opened to the public. A shaded and airy oasis located right at the heart of the city, surrounded by its medieval walls. It forms part of Barcelona’s Museu Marítim (Maritime Museum) and once a month will become a festive boat navigating the waters of the Mediterranean’s food, wine and entertainment waters.

  • Abord Portal de Santa Madrona

    Portal de Santa Madrona in the medieval wall, access to the Baluard de Santa Madrona and the Jardins del Baluard

    For its first edition Abord! will feature gastronomic proposals from some of the 22 countries that border the Mediterranean, such as Olympus (Greek cuisine), La Pulponeta (seafood), Su Maccarrone (Italian cuisine), Canalla (world cuisine) or De la Crem (ice cream Italian crafts); in the Wine Garden, Sindhi Wines, pioneers in biodynamic agriculture from Murcia which is becoming more and more popular currently; and at the Marine Stage sounds from Troya Modet, Sergio Pulido and Sama Yax, headed by one of the most charismatic DJs in the city: Sonido Tupinamba.

    And at Delmar Affairs space, dedicated to raising social awareness regarding the sea and reflecting on problems connected with the Mediterranean, presentations from Acnur and Drapart.

    The next editions of the cycle will be on September 29th and October 20th from 12 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Sonido Tupinamba Abord

    Sonido Tupinamba

  • Troya Modet Dj Abord

    Dj Troya Modet

  • La pulponeta Abord

    La pulponeta foodtruck



  • From 12 midday to 10pm
  • 2 euros General Admission (4 euros with vermouth)