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A roofless suite

Wittmore Hotel BCN


Spring is on its way, and with it life outdoors, once again. Anyone interested in sleeping under the stars, in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter in luxurious surroundings should contact the Wittmore. The recently reopened hotel can make it happen. The entire roof terrace can be booked from dusk till dawn. One of Barcelona’s best hidden boutique hotels is intent of creating unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors alike, surrounded by the statues, church spires and swooping seagulls that fill the air, with the soft breeze off the Mediterranean to keep the heat in check. 

Drawing inspiration from Barcelona’s summer nights and festivals, which were traditionally spent on the city’s rooftops, like San Juan verbena, Wittmore wants to offer its clients an authentic experience that represents local culture, waking up to the sun rise over the Mediterranean sea after a night under the stars.

  • Roofless suite Wittmore Hotel
  • Roofless suite Wittmore Hotel


    With its firm commitment to creativity, fun and that which is authentic, Wittmore will be offering guests the opportunity to live this unique experience between the months of May and October, for one night only during the stay. The client, who will be able to use this space with a pool from 12 midnight till 7 in the morning, including everything they need to spend an inspired night surrounded by the city’s rooftops.

  • Roofless suite Wittmore Hotel