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Young Gallery Weekend 2016

Independent Art, Barcelona


The second edition of the Young Gallery Weekend represents a strong commitment to introducing new art to a local audience, increasing the visibility of international projects and the promotion of new galleries and independent spaces that promote art and culture in the city. Aimed at fans of the avant-garde, the festival that has made its mark based on original content, interesting artistic proposals that will be taking over the galleries and creative underground art spaces from 30th September 2nd October.

YGW is a multidisciplinary celebration of contemporary art, a cultural event that serves as a stimulus to young art galleries and dissemination of culture in all its forms: visual arts, video, mapping, installations and performances of avant-garde artists with proposals that are guaranteed to inspire, excite, impact, critique and raise awareness, pitched as a wide audience, because YGW is above all an exercise in democratization of art and culture.

  • Young Gallery Weekend Barcelona

    VHS, Alejandra de la Torre, at Escalera de Incendios

  • Young Gallery Weekend Barcelona

    Male Compliments. Collage on paper. 2015. Riot Über, "Siempre Así", Hell Gallery

  • Young Gallery Weekend Barcelona

    Cayn Sánchez, "Volatilidad", gallery Art Deal Project

  • Bernat Garcia, "Camino de Santiago", photography, gallery Fifty Dots


    12 spaces make it possible Young Gallery Weekend:
    Anaglifos, Art Deal Project, Escalera de Incendios, El Catascopio, Espronceda, Fifty Dots, Hell Gallery, Hiroshima, La Caleta, La Grey, Projekteria [Art Gallery] y Untitled BCN.

    The festival programme includes the works of 32 international artists:
    Abel Azcona, Alberto Franco Díaz, Alejandra de La Torre, Analía Beltrán i Janés, Ángel Pomerol, Antonio Luque, Bernat García, Blanali, Camila Cañeque, Carlos Pina, Cayn Sánchez, Elisa Munsó, Francesc Roig, George Lloyd, Isabel León, Javier Hirschfeld, Jon Riggal, Juan Carlos Lozano, Lídia Porcar, Manuel Morales, Marc Badía, Marc Marín, Miguel Andrés, Mirthe Blussé, Nettle Grallier, Orne Cabrita, Paquito Nogales, Palnoise, Riot Über, Sirmano, Tranzenit, Xesco Mercé.

  • Hell Gallery

    Hell Gallery

  • Young Gallery Weekend Barcelona

    Young Gallery Weekend 2015 edition

  • Young Gallery Weekend 2016
  • Barcelona
  • From September 30th to October 2nd
  • See the complete programme and spacees at:
  • www.younggalleryweekend.com