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Yaya Tur

Astrágalo, random sculptures

By Brian Gallagher 19.01.15

Yaya Tur (Barcelona, 1969) is a contemporary artist currently showing a selection of recent sculptures at the renowned design showroom AzulTierra located at the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood. The exhibition titled Astrágalo will be on view till the 31st of January. The name refers to the unique talus bone found in the human foot which has the unusual characteristic of being six sided, it is believed to have inspired the faceted dice, and was used by some civilisations in games of chance.

These somewhat ambiguous sculptures on display reflect the modernist influences of some of the 20th Century most iconic artists and who have greatly inspired Yaya Tur, including Henry Moore, Brancusi and Hans Arp who define the cannon of modern sculpture. Organic and feminine forms, curved and blemish free smooth surfaces using indeterminate materials, this intriguing work is open to multiple interpretations. Large scale and smaller scale pieces are combined here within the ample spaces of the showroom providing the perfect context to display these unique works. Toni Espuch the proprietor of AzulTierra personally selects the artists exhibited which have included photographers, painters and sculptors such as Philippe Pastor, Álvaro Soler Arpa and Georhes Moquayo Georhes Moquay.

  • Yaya Tur Astrágolo
  • Yaya Tur Astrágolo


    Astrágalo includes pieces from three different collections, Noir, Gold and 1930 featuring natural and artificial materials such as stone, brass and blocks of polyurethane covered with fibreglass and other high tech resins. Surfaces invite touch, interaction in the most sensual sense of the word. Especially noteworthy is the fact that Tur started his career after qualifying from the Massana Art School within the virtual realm of digital art. These works represent something quite distinct, their physical presence is undoubtedly their most compelling characteristic.

  • Yaya Tur Astrágolo


    Yaya Tur’s work has has been exhibited internationally as well in his native Barcelona at prestigiopus institutions including the CCCB, Espai 13 de la Fundació Miró or the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona's art space La Capella.

  • Yaya Tur Astrágolo
  • Yaya Tur Toni Espuch

    Portrait of Yaya Tur (right) with Toni Espuch of the AzulTierra showroom

  • AzulTierra
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